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1. Introduction :

Catalyst has a plan that contains its policy, system, program and plans for matters of Quality Assurance / Quality Control. Catalyst requires that all its employees who may handle quality should be familiar with this plan. It represents an essential part of Catalyst policy and any deviation is considered as a serious breach of conduct.


2. Objectives :

Catalyst endeavours, through this plan, to:

  • • Achieve, maintain, and seek to improve continuously the quality of its supplies and performance in relationship to industry standards and customers’ requirements.
  • Provide confidence to the customer that the requirements for quality are being, or will be, achieved in the final work.
  • • Satisfy its management that the requirements for quality are being fulfilled and maintained, and that quality improvement is taking place.


3. Implementation :

The above objectives are achieved through a team which makes sure that the goals are met through carefully developed procedures practiced during all phases of the execution of a project from design stage to final handover.