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Catalyst has a well-established Maintenance division to provide the quality services in Facility Management. Over the past years, we have succeeded in attaining and retaining the customer satisfaction and their trust. We give utmost importance to customer requirements and their satisfaction by providing timely and quality jobs at reasonable price.

Maintenance must be not just preventative, but also predictive, resulting in lower equipment downtime, increased equipment longevity and lower operation costs. Even the most energy-efficient equipment is rendered inefficient through improper maintenance.

We have dedicated, efficient, qualified and well-experienced team of Engineers, Supervisors, Technicians and Skilled workers with adequate transportation and communication facilities. Training programs are periodically arranged for the technical team to create an awareness of the latest technologies in the market.


✦ Air-conditioning (HVAC) and Refrigeration works
✦ Electrical Works
✦ Plumbing Works
✦ Civil & Painting Works
✦ Security Systems: CCTV, ELV Systems, Gate Barrier and automatic slide doors.
✦ Generator / UPS Systems
✦ Cleaning Services

Heating, Ventilation & Air Conditioning (HVAC) Works

✦ Maintenance of chiller Plants, AHU, Fresh Air units, FCU, CCU, Chilled Water pumps, VAV, Package unit and split units.
✦ Compressor overhauling.
✦ Motor re-winding from light to heavy duty.
✦ Chillers coil replacement.
✦ Compressor replacement.
✦ Swimming pool Heating & Cooling Systems.
✦ Chemical treatment of chilled water pipes and maintaining PH value
✦ Issue of third party inspection reports
✦ Maintenace of marine air conditioning equipments.

Cooling Tower

✦ Maintenance of natural draft and forced draft cooling tower.
✦ Chemical cleaning suction strainer cleaning spray nozzle cleaning and measuring the quantity of water.
✦ Maintenance of mechanical and electrical equipment related to cooling tower.

Electrical Works

✦ Maintenace of Domestic, Commercial and industrial installations.
✦ Full Technical Support/advice on power issues.
✦ Replacement of switch gear accessories of DB’s SMDB’s Main panel etc.. incase of faulty.
✦ ELCB testing on DB’s
✦ Load Monitoring/Recording each month.
✦ Maintenance of DB’s, SMDB’s, Main Panel, etc
✦ Repair, Maintenance, Erection & Commissioning of Transformers, UPS, ATS.
✦ Repair, Maintenance & Load testing of all type of Generators.
✦ Maintenance of Capacitor banks, LV/ MV / HV switch gears, Motors, Light protection system, Bus bars etc. ✦ Oil testing of transformers.
✦ Lightning protection system

Plumbing Works

✦ Water tank maintenance
✦ Booster pump, transfer pump maintenance
✦ Maintenance of floor, Trap, Gully Trap, Bottle Trap, Trap Manhole and Air rent
✦ Rodding eye drainage system
✦ Maintenance of sanitary fittings
✦ Maintenance of drainage system

Civil & Painting Works

Our Civil Engineering division is not only technologically well-equipped but also takes adequate care in assessing various factors such as design, planning and execution. We provide a full spectrum of civil engineering works through high standards of workmanship those results in high productivity and performances.
We undertake,

✦ Masonry works.
✦ Kitchen refurbishment including cabinet, flooring and ceiling works.
✦ Bathroom refurbishment including tiling, decoration and sanitary ware
✦ Office space planning and refurbishment.
✦ Building exterior and interior painting.
✦ Carpentry and fit out works including wardrobes, doors and pergolas.
✦ Water proofing and insulation works
✦ Repair/Maintenance of walkways, fencing and re-painting of curb stones, paving tiles including the road marks etc.

Cleaning Services

✦ Commercial & Residential Cleaning
✦ AC Duct & Kitchen Exhaust Cleaning
✦ Carpet & Upholstery Cleaning
✦ Garbage Chute Cleaning


Selecting us as your facility management contractor assures you of the following benefits:
☛ Maintenance services are offered round the clock 24X7 by our team of skilled technicians.
☛ Our personalized services ensure that you enjoy peace of mind and that your equipment functions smoothly.
☛ Mobile service teams are well equipped to render fast service.
☛ All servicing requirements are carried out by specialized service department.
☛ Catalyst offers a 24-hour emergency breakdown service in conjunction with its service contracts.

Trained Technicians
☛ The heart of our organization is our technicians.
☛ Each technician is recruited and included into our organization with the utmost care and diligence.
☛ Within the organization our Service Engineers conduct training programs for the technical team to create an awareness of the latest technologies in the market.

Preventive not just corrective
☛ We endeavour to ensure that all our preventive maintenance is scheduled at least 6 months in advance to ensure that problems are minimized during peak summer periods. It is our endeavor to keep your equipment functioning efficiently throughout its life cycle.

In House Stock of Parts
☛ We assure you that we have a fully comprehensive stock of spare parts, which enables us to deal with each and every requirement.

In House Electromechanical workshop
☛ Our in-house electromechanical workshop, which enables us to rewinding motors, generators and pumps, and repairing / rebuilding compressors.

Health Safety and Environment Division
☛ A Health, Safety and Environment Division that ensures and fulfills safety standards to government/municipality requirements.

Asset Management Software
☛ Our latest Asset Management software system allows us not only to maintain a property history but ensures work orders are delivered via mobile networks to our technicians who in turn provide the necessary prompt service.